FAQs of Ju Yuan Hao

Welcome to the JuYuanHao's general questions and answers section. Each year we update the answers to reflect the latest changes in some items. Juyuanhao.org offers these FAQs to help clarify frequent areas of confusion. We hope you find them helpful and informative.

Q: How to Order Ju Yuan Hao Bow and Arrow?

  Order Online: Simply click on the shopping basket icon and follow the instructions

  Order by Email: Info@juyuanhao.org

  Order by Fax: 86(29) 85516248 (CN)

                         1(267) 480-8176 (US)


Q: I am a bow fan, could I buy more Chinese traditional bows and arrows from you?
    NO, you can NOT. We are so sorry to say so. The quantity of Chinese traditional Bow

    you can buy from us (Ju Yuan Hao) must less than 5. For each year, we can ONLY 

    make 70~120 Chinese traditional bows. Anyway thanks for your interested in Ju

    Yuan Hao bows and arrows.

Q: How long will the Ju Yuan Hao Bow and Arrows arrive, after paying?

 It will take about 9~10 months for producing and 3~10 days for shipping.


Q: How about your payment methods?




 West Union Money Transfer 

 Direct deposit or telegraphic transfer into our bank account

Q: Which currency do you accept?

 Pound Sterling (GBP)

 Euros (EUR)

 U.S. Dollars (USD)

 Swiss Francs (CHF)

Q: Can you deliver to my home address or other address I appointed?
    Yes! Door to Door or the place you’re appointed. (Subject to the laws and terms of 

  different countries, we can only send the package to the place which EMS, TNT, DHL,  

   FedEx can reach.)


Q: Which shipping method do you offer?

   According to the requirement, the following shipping methods are available:






The actual cost should be paid according to the actual shipping method. And our logistic people will offer you the tracking number to track the shipment.


Q: How do you sell the Ju Yuan Hao Bow and Arrows?

 Pound Sterling (GBP)   GBP765.00, or

 Euros (EUR)            EUR865.00, or

 U.S. Dollars (USD)     USD1155.95, or

 Swiss Francs (CHF)    CHF1305.00

      Price Terms: FOB BEIJING or XIAN, CHINA

      Including: 1pc Chinese traditional bow and 5pcs arrows

      Kind notice: All the price are based on CNY7800.00, if the exchange rate between GBP/EUR/USD/CHF and CNY fluctuates more than ±3, the price will be adjusted.

      All the price are updated on May 05, 2009


Q: May I know the weight and dimensions of the Ju Yuan Hao Bow and Arrows?

    Yes. See below:  

Weight (per pkg)

Dimensions (per pkg)


Bow: 150cm, 160cm or 170cm


Arrows: 70cm,80cm or 90cm

      Description of goods: 1pc Chinese traditional bow and 5pcs arrows


Q: Can I cancel the purchase order?
 Yes! You can send us an E-mail to cancel the purchase order in 30 business days.


Q: Who make the bows and arrows?

 All the Ju Yuan Hao bows and arrows are made by Mr. Yang Fuxi himself.


Q: How do I identify a Ju Yuan Hao bow?

    It is simple. All the ends of each limb of Ju Yuan Hao Bow are marked the shop-sign (Chinese Ancient Writing) with a hot iron. And we offer unique Collection Certificate Card (each CCC has different Identification Numbers) with each Chinese traditional bow from Juyuanhao Workshop.


Q: May I know more about the Ju Yuan Hao Bow?

    Yes. The Ju Yuan Hao Bow is one of “Recurve Bow”, which has a curvature when it is

unstrung. Craftsmen first make a core for the bow from thin bamboo and attach the wooden grip and the ears. Then they firmly glue horn and sinew to the core. Finally craftsmen decorate the bow with material such as birch bark, symbols, and lacquer.


Q: Where is Ju Yuan Hao Workshop’s location?

    From April 02, 2009, the list address is closed to public.

#50, First Lane, Beijing Huaxia Folk-Custom Cultural Park

Gaobeidian, Chaoyang District

Beijing, China

Juyuanhao workshop has been moved to new address as list:

Number 20, North Yaoyuan Village, Taihu Town,
Tongzhou District
Beijing, China

Attention: this place is NOT opened to public now. Xi’an international business center is NOT opened to public too and it is only for international shipping.

Juyuanhao workshop’s new showing window as follows is opened to public now:

Room B-102, Row B, Panjiayuan, Chaoyang District,

Beijing, China

New address in Pinyin: Bei-Jin-Shi-Chao-Yang-Qu-Pan-Jia-Yuan-Yi-Pai-B-102-Shi

New address in Chinese: 北京市朝阳区潘家园乙排B-102


Kind attention:

1)      Shipping cost should be borne by buyer. If you pick the bow and arrows up in Beijing or Xian, the freight charge is 0.00.

2)      Please check again whether the custom prohibition the import of this shipment (Bow and Arrows) in your country. It is always buyer’s responsibilities to clear customs and pay the relevant. But it is not required usually, for the Express agency will do it for the buyer.

3)     If you have any other questions or special requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.

      *FAQs updated on May 05, 2009*


Panjiayuan Antiques Market


Juyuanhao Workshop's new showing window is located in

Beijing Panjiayuan Antiques Market