Chronology of Juyuanhao

In the year of 1720

“Ju Yuan Hao” bow and arrow workshop was founded, which is used for Royal Soldiers factory



In the beginning of 20th century

“Ju Yuan Hao” bows and arrows obtained the silver award on Panama Pacific International Exposition.



In the year of 1957

Wen tong Yang, the 9th generation successor of “Ju Yuan Hao”, make an elaborate bow for Chairman Mao Zedong.



In October 2003

Full set of “Ju Yuan Hao” production was preserved by Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence



In April 2005

A set of Ju Yuan Hao traditional horned bow and a set of Ju Yuan Hao traditional bamboo bow were preserved by China Art Research



In August 2005

Full set of “Ju Yuan Hao” production and tools’ copies were preserved by Beijing Folklore Museum



In May 2006

The bows of “Ju Yuan Hao” are used by Beijing Tuan Cheng Yan Wu office to resuscitate ancient landscape about drilling eight banners soldiers by Emperor Qianlong.



In May 2006

The craft of “Ju Yuan Hao” is settled to be one of first State-level intangible cultural heritage protection projects